Lily Ratnawati


• Positively creative

• Objectively experienced

• Strategically open minded

• Steadily versatile

• Fancily whimsical

• A constant coffee lover

• Die hard hardworker

• Dynamic & communicative interpersonal skills

• A bubbly, fun & animated individual

• Independently a good team player

• Strong in photographic memory

• Loads with big fat sense of humor

• A happy adventurer

• (Trying to be) a world class traveler

• A life enthusiast

/// Academic and professional experience in communications and graphic design related field for more than 10 years.
Having been living in Jakarta, Singapore and London as a Graphic Designer & Visual Artist has given me rich mixture and different way of seeing things.
I love the process of collaborating to accomplish the desired objectives, for the client and as well for myself.
Colors, graphic and motion are my ecstasy.
Creative process always excites me.

And the most treasured value of all, i have PASSION for design.


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